Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mischief Max

You know when things go silent or you can hear faint cackles, that something is amiss!! Unfortunately it wasn't the sounds or visions of the gorgeous canoodling of our little peeps, but unfortunately Max getting up to no good with the help of his big sister.

Yesterday, whilst I was cleaning up after a craft sessions, Stella found a small tub of glitter that I had put on the shelf and had intented to use for our creations. I took it off her, and told her not to touch them again. Hmmmmm yeah right!!

Whilst in the kitchen preparing afternoon tea, I could hear the gorgeous sounds of Max laughing, usually a sign his sister is tickling him, sitting on him, or making him do something I don't want them both to be doing!! I tell you, these 2 are going to get up to no good, whilst the dainty and quiet Lacey , sits and observes.

Stella had obviously shaken alot of the glitter over Max, and he had managed to score the small tub for himself!!
It ended up EVERYWHERE!! And if anyone has even remotely been near glitter, you know how hard it is to clean up and get rid of from someones body, let alone an antsy baby who doesn't sit still at the best of times!!

Rolling around, shaking glitter on himself and rolling in it like its crumbs on a steak!

The red glitter, all over the floor
 He had it down his back, on his head, on his neck , all over his legs and feet. A super sparkly, mischeiveous little man Max!! After 2 shampoos of his hair, a play at the water park , a big swim in a pool  and countless attempts to remove it all, his head is still like a shiny disco ball today!!

It could have defiantely been worse, and I thank my lucky stars it wasn't paint or ink, but it just goes to prove, that my craft sessions don't always go according to planor without incident!!

The joys of children!! And I have you know, I was fighting a losing battle to maintain composure and not laugh and try and tell Stella off, but it really was such a sight, a little chubby boy, like someone from the Mardi Gras!!

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